Practicing the radical art of preserving tradition.

In today’s high-tech world, North Bennet Street School takes a radically different approach by specializing in traditional hand skill trades and fine craftsmanship. Their exceptional trade programs include bookbinding, preservation carpentry, furniture making, piano technology and violin making.

Located in the North End of Boston, the school attracts students interested in a high-end artisan education that values hands-on training as a way to achieve meaningful lives and livelihoods.

Studio Rainwater worked with NBSS to help them evolve their visual identity to better represent the inclusiveness and excitement of the hands-on processes practiced throughout the school.

2020 annual report cover titled Built to Last
NBSS Annual Report titled Crafting Connection
Benchmarks magazine covers
Benchmarks magazine spread of student portraits

We worked with NBSS to audit their existing branding and publications and evolve their color palette, typography and layouts to highlight the sophisticated craftsmanship being taught without losing the energy and messiness of the experience that the students value.

North Bennet Street School Brand Design
North Bennet Street School Brand Design
North Bennet Street School Fundraising Collateral

We redesigned the school’s admissions materials and donor publications, which were used as part of an ambitious capital campaign to help support scholarships for students. After two years, the campaign reached 85% of it’s 5-year fundraising goals, which will allow the next generation of students to graduate without the burden of significant debt.

North Bennet Street School Fundraising Collateral
North Bennet Street School Brand Design and Collateral

Project Scope

Branding, Publication Design, Print Design, Stationery, Promotional Materials

Focus Areas

Education, Craft, Donor Engagement, Marketing