Reimagining academic scholarship with an innovative new platform.

Brown’s Digital Publications Initiative, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, publishes digital monographs—rich, interactive, online experiences—to provide new avenues for scholarship.

Studio Rainwater worked closely with the authors and editorial team at Brown to creatively explore how fascinating content from a 17th century alchemy book to a non-linear exploration of Islamic history and culture could be presented in new and compelling ways online.

We brainstormed concepts with the project teams to determine how the digital publications could be more engaging than a printed book and provide a deeper experience than a typical website.


Website, Information Architecture

In Furnace and Fugue, a publication that brings to life Atalanta fugiens, an illustrated emblem book of musical fugues from 1618.  We imagined an interactive reading experience that allows users to curate, save, and share their own selection and arrangement of alchemical emblems, exploring shifting meanings and relationships between the pages. We also designed eight scholarly essays to beautifully add layers of meaning to the original text.


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In Islamic Pasts and Futures: Horizons of Time, we designed the publication to highlight the author’s unconventional structure that presents Islamic history through different concepts of time.


Education, Digital Humanities, Research