A global collaboration between scientists, technologists, policymakers and business leaders to create a framework for the ethical use of AI.

The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing is convening a global effort to develop high-level social and ethical principles on issues arising from the increasing use of AI. The goal of the yearlong process is to develop a policy framework and tools for governments and companies to implement in concrete ways.

We worked with MIT to design a visual identity for the forum and implementation across its many platforms, from a website to virtual events to printed materials to a culminating event for prominent global decision-makers from many sectors.

Desktop and mobile design for the AI Policy Forum website

The visual identity system feels cohesive with MIT and the Schwarzman College of Computing core brands while providing flexibility for use with the initiative’s many partnerships. The clean, bold type treatment is complemented by converging lines that simultaneously evoke technology and a roadmap toward the future.

Still in its early stages, the process will continue with a series of task force meetings and reports before culminating in an event that will serve as the springboard in global efforts to design the future of AI.

Slide presentation designs


Logo, Branding, Event Design, Animation, Slide Presentation, Icon Design


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