An emerging think tank demands fresh perspectives on the planet’s biggest challenges.

New Global Politics is a next-generation think tank founded by an independent network of global scholars committed to amplifying diverse voices focusing on migration, technology, conflict, climate, and democracy. NGP worked with Studio Rainwater to develop a brand and digital platform to help them engage with and grow their audiences.

While only recently established, NGP is lead by an experienced team of policymakers and academics from Stanford, UC-Berkeley, Brown, Rice, and Cal Poly Pomona. The brand needed to build recognition for the new organization while showcasing its strong credentials of its leadership.

Bold lines around the name in the logo create a strong symmetry that helps the mark feel established and grounded, while leaving negative space that signals an openness to new ideas and ways of thinking. The frames visualize the Institute’s strength in providing frameworks, rather than concrete policy recommendations.

The brand’s color palette is bold and warm, evoking a global sensibility that is both urgent and hopeful. A library of curated images can be combined to convey differences in global scale, topics, and emotional tone, while allowing the viewer to draw connections between images. Because of the diversity of topics NPG focuses on, pairing images with layered meanings helped create a sense of nuance and depth without over-emphasizing specific places or cultures.

The website was designed to showcase NGP’s work and includes digital publication, The New Paradigm, featuring articles, photo essays, and podcast episodes that draw audiences from over 80 countries around the world.


Brand Strategy, Logo and Visual Identity Design, Website Design


Education, Nonprofit, Sustainability, Research