Woman presenting a slide in a dark room in front of an audience. The slide says
Woman presenting a slide in a dark room in front of an audience. The slide says

Building a trustworthy brand at the forefront of AI and healthcare.

The Jameel Clinic is a research initiative at MIT developing groundbreaking AI technologies that are making a difference in the lives of patients around the world.

Acting as a bridge between MIT and a global network of over 40 partner hospitals, the Jameel Clinic needed a brand and website that would help build recognition and trust between their organization, academic researchers, and clinicians in the field.

Screen showing the MIT Jameel Clinic website landing page loading animation. The headline on the website is

The design had to evoke the leading-edge innovation that defines MIT while also feeling approachable.

Most of the AI tools require little more than a laptop to implement, so they are even available to hospitals with limited resources. The Jameel Clinic’s ability to deploy this complex, yet accessible technology on a large scale sets it apart from peer organizations. The brand reflects this by looking sophisticated and established, while remaining friendly and inviting.

A vertical pop up banner in front of an elevator with a brand illustration and the headline,
Jameel Clinic branded notebook designs.
Jameel Clinic logo in color and black and white against light and dark background colors.

It was important to show the Jameel Clinic’s location within MIT, a long-term proponent of careful and ethical use of AI. Bold use of black and sans serif type created a subtle connection between the Jameel Clinic’s brand and MIT’s while still establishing a unique visual system that would help the Jameel Clinic stand out as a memorable entity within the larger institution.

Jameel Clinci webpage designs.
Screenshots from the Jameel Clinic mobile website.

Throughout the design soft shapes are offset by hard lines and edges, evoking the human side of health merging with technology.

The Jameel Clinic’s small core team runs many events, workshops, and programs throughout the year so they needed a kit of brand elements that could be used flexibly and cohesively across a range of platforms and audiences.

The refreshed logo is an abstract shape that takes its cue from molecules, neural networks, and a connected community while a series of brand illustrations and icons capture the breath and range of the Jameel Clinic’s work.

Jameel Clinic hero illustration.
Jameel Clinic hero illustration.
A brand icon set against a black and white background.


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