A boutique health research consultancy stands out with insights that drive the life sciences industry.

For 15 years, PHAR’s dedicated team of highly trained researchers has worked with some of the top pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to study data and produce publications on the costs and benefits of medical interventions.

Working in the field of Health Economics and Outcomes Research, PHAR needed to stand out in a field of larger players and show how well their small team could produce big results. Studio Rainwater worked with PHAR to design a brand identity that would be engaging and unique while emphasizing their proven track record.

PHAR Infographic Design
Cover of a print brochure
Business cards featuring large statistics
PHAR brand elements
PHAR website screens

The logo was designed to be clean and bold with a central data point to anchor the name. One of the team’s core strengths is their multiple advanced degrees. To highlight their deep scientific knowledge and experience, we used common chemistry symbols and graphics on their website, creating an engaging experience that focused on the team’s results.

PHAR publications archive online
PHAR mobile landing page
Cover of PHAR publications directory
Publications directory table of contents
Overview of PHAR printed materials


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